Fiction Explorations


The House of the Bitter Root—An informal group of federal investigators are the only ones to take a list of kidnapped old-timers (including rock star Jim Morrison and a secret female astronaut) seriously. They uncover a plot from the 1960s to address a deadly substance that might be worse than COVID-19. This was just great fun to write.

Arizona on the Nile—Many features in Arizona’s Grand Canyon have Egyptian names. Maybe that’s because the ancient Egyptians spared no efforts to find a secure place to bury pharaoh’s treasure. A good, old-fashioned treasure hunt and mystery.

Randville—Far in the warm future, soaked coastal cities move people onto offshore “seastead” platforms. When some are abandoned or taken over by libertarians, like Grandville becoming “(Ayn) Randville,” there can be a race between other powers to claim them…if they can fight off the pirates and intelligent squid.

Walter Goralski